Monday, September 16, 2013


call me crazy but I don't trust the media.... I know right? I should be committed. 

But it's articles like the one CNN did of the worst outbreak of measles in 17 years. Do you know what that number is right now.  159.  That is the number of confirmed cases of measles this year.  159.  I really don't think that's cause for panic.   Why are we even covering it... how about the story of the eight year old who was married off to a forty year old and died the morning after her wedding night.  Now that's a story I would rather be seeing all over facebook and other news outlets to bring out the fight in people.

It only took this mother a little bit of time to find so many holes in CNN's article.  I encourage you to read it - just for the entertainment of seeing how pathetic research is on these articles anymore.

Why All the Measles Outbreaks

What are your thoughts?

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