Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Focus, so little focus

I'm still struggling to find my niche here in this big world of the Internet and blogging. I seem to be going in multiple different directions on any given day and it's frustrating for me and probably you.  I love blogging about real life and stories of what's happening but I don't feel they are a blessing or an encouragement to anyone (well unless it's encouraging that I fail so often?).

I know I've even blogged about what I want to write about and what I thought my focus would be... but it's that whole follow through thing again.  I just don't have it. I need to have better plans and schedules for what I want to write about and share with you all. 

I also need to spend lots more time in prayer asking God what He wants me to do with this big open space.

The past couple weeks have been rough here - Naomi not sleeping going through whatever phase it is that she's in.  Our medical expenses were extra high, we had a couple bigger expenses that weren't planned, I haven't been sleeping well at all (which equals a cranky momma), and this month just seemed to go on forever.  So last night I sat down to balance our budget and see where we are.  It's Sept 25th - we have 5 days left in the month.  And we have $2.18 in the bottom line! So I could moan and begrudge the fact we're out of money OR I could be thankful we are at least within what was brought in and we didn't overspend (even though it sure felt like we did). I was shocked to see we were still in the black last night.

But we have lots coming up in the next months, my trip to Allume, we have a family mini-vacation in Lancaster, PA, then it's Thanksgiving, and Christmas before you know it. God has been very good to us and we've tried to be very smart and conservative with our finances. Maybe for the next couple months I'll try to share some of the ways we cut corners or save money since that's going to be our focus for awhile.

So just my rambling and getting some things off my heart and mind.  They say the worst thing is to have something to say but not say it cause then it's just taking up space in your mind that could be used for something else.  That's why it's important to just write everything down then you don't waste extra energy trying to remember it.

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