Friday, September 27, 2013

Another Option

I'm really going to try and focus on sharing with you how we started down the path to me staying home and how we did that financially. It's not easy and there are many things we have to pass on or delay.

I've always had the money saving itch but once you start getting really good deals and seeing the numbers in black and white it really gives you more momentum to save more.

Christmas is coming up way too quickly for me and this is about the time I start my shopping. Often times when there are special deals out there you can customize almost all of them to someone in your life.  Plus a couple dollars here and there makes it so much easier then cramming it all into December and then in January being totally stressed out over the amount of money you spent.

For instance - this travel mug, yes it's technically a coffee mug but what little kid doesn't love to feel like an adult - use it for ice water on a hot summer day and you've become the world's best mom! :)

Or customizing a t-shirt for Grandma or Grandpa? Or use this as a gag-gift for the company party.  $6... not that much at all.

York Photos has some amazing deals going on right now - reusable grocery bags for free!  You can turn those into so many options - music lesson bags, trick or treat bags, over night bags to friends, church bag, the options are endless.

Or a new apron for that special someone in your life :)

Or how about a pillowcase to help the transition into a new bed??? (Something I may think about for Miss Naomi)

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See my disclosure policy here*and for now I am putting all earnings towards my Allume trip :) 6 weeks from TODAY!

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