Monday, October 28, 2013

A big day and I wasn't even here

A couple weeks ago we went to the dentist and he informed Lydia that she had her first loose tooth. She was so excited about this.... us not so much. We know how she normally reacts so we were not looking forward to the event.

Then the time came for us to leave for the conference and we just prayed that her tooth would not fall out while we were gone.... truly we figured she would send the grandparents crazy if it happened.

Friday morning I called to check in and was told that she had pulled her tooth out. WHAT???? Seriously? yep, she just figured it was loose enough so she yanked it out with no prompting or anything. :) I guess Grandma was running the girls bath and Lydia just pulled it out.

Oh my. All went well and she hardly fussed I guess. While I'm sad I wasn't here for it I'm even more happy and proud that she handled it so well.

*update* - found out the 'real' story from Grandma! :) Guess she was running the bath but Lydia wanted to see her loose tooth so climbed on top of the bathroom counter and was messing with her tooth in front of the mirror and it fell out... and she completely started to panic and nearly hyperventilate - not sure why, maybe she thought she was in trouble? But Grandma saved the day by telling her that she was an official six-year old since her first tooth fell out and she calmed right down. :) 

So this is what I came home to..... my big six year old with her first tooth gone!

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