Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Baby Update Week 12

Thought I would give you a little update on the baby here... if anyone cares. :) I won't bore anyone with weekly updates but figured once a month might not be too bad.

I've had a pretty rough couple weeks, my 'morning' sickness is random and can last all day if I eat the wrong thing but the kicker is I don't know what those wrong things are. It appears to be sweet stuff, as long as I eat lots of salt, fat, and savory food I'm ok. It also isn't really nausea anymore it's severe stomach cramps that really makes it hard to function with three other little ones.

I am still trying to nap everyday which some may shake their heads at but if I don't rest for at least an hour then by evening time I can't even function. So while Naomi naps I lay on the couch and out of half closed eyes I keep an eye on Josiah & Lydia playing on the computer. Good or bad it's getting me through these times.

Exercise is also a top priority for me this time around, I try to walk about 20 minutes a day (before my nap or I'm not allowed to nap). It's not much but it's more than I normally do so I'm hoping it helps me keep my weight gain in check. I haven't gained much because I've just not been eating that much. 

I'm so blessed this time around to be sharing this pregnancy with lots of other moms.  One is a dear cousin who has been through this with me each time I've been pregnant, all four pregnancies have over lapped and two of them we were due within days of each other.  A sweet couple from our church just announced that they are expecting their first baby just weeks after us.  So it's been a really exciting time.

I'm still pretty overwhelmed but getting excited the farther along we go. I'm also thinking maybe once I start to feel better and get some energy back I'll get more excited. :) We are very thankful for this surprise baby and know God has bigger plans for all of us.

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  1. have a good friend that is expecting as well I must say as the days go by we all start thinking of the new little one and anticipating the days. I can only imagine how you and her feel Good luck
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