Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Exodus Road

whew... last week I reviewed The Long Awakening.... it was a hard read but nothing like this book.

The Exodus Road: One Wife's Journey Into Sex Trafficking and Rescue

This book is written by a missionary wife whose husband feels that he is being called to enter brothels and bars to help rescue young girls and ladies who are forced into sex slavery.  She is honest and forthright in her and her & his struggles of this type of mission work.  They are not heroes or trying to appear as heroes, they are everyday people who were burdened and called to step out in faith.... big time.

From the book:

It was 9 p.m., and though I should have been tired, adrenaline had kicked in.
Tonight Matt was going out again.
This time, alone.
The idea was to ask a tuk-tuk (motorcycle taxi) driver for young girls and see where he led. The plan made both of us nervous and would have been far better if it involved backup—a partner to go with Matt or to at least track him remotely.
But we’d already asked everyone we knew and had found no takers.
“You shouldn’t be doing this by yourself,” we’d heard from friends, missionaries, humanitarian workers.
“Then come with me,” Matt had said to each.
“No, no I couldn’t do that,” was the usual reply.
And we got it, we did. There are a million reasons why upstanding moral men don’t belong in strip clubs. A million. There are marriages, triggers and dangers. There are reputations to protect and pitfalls to avoid. There are entire organizations whose work might crumble if they sanctioned undercover work in brothels.
Yet, yet.
We still couldn’t get away from this idea that if it were our daughter, we’d want someone to go looking for her, want someone, somewhere, to fight for her rescue—regardless of the red tape or danger.
We couldn’t get past the idea that maybe there was a noble reason for a good man to frequent a brothel, after all.
Excerpt, “The Exodus Road: One Wife’s Journey into Sex Trafficking and Rescue” by Laura Parker. All Rights Reserved.

And yet she's also clear that just because she isn't comfortable with something doesn't mean that they can't or shouldn't be doing it. (sounds familiar in my life lately)  She asks the question 'if it was your daughter or even son being sold for sex to men how hard would you want people to fight for them? what would YOU do to help save them?'  ouch.

I know sometimes it's easier to just put your head in the sand and ignore that this truly does happen, even here in the USA... I just read a story about two ladies being rescued in FL - they were being held against their will and being sold by their 'boyfriends' - one lady had almost 30 token by her bedside - counting the number of men she served that day. But that is NOT what Jesus called us to do. He did not call us to ignore the hurting or the suffering but to step out into the unknown and help others only those who are still here physically can be saved spiritually.

There are a couple ways you can help out and enter to win your own copy below (and when you're done reading it - please pass it along to someone else - help spread the word!)
  • enter below to win a copy of this book and have your eyes opened
  • Check out The Exodus Road and see what they are doing
  • if you're able commit to supporting what they do - get more information here.  This is Sarah Mae's page and her commitment to helping what they do.  She's only looking for 142 more ladies to sign up to be an Esther.
  • and if you any of those above please least commit to praying for these young women and men and the men who are risking their lives to try and rescue them.  My burden is great but my money is small right now. I can use my voice and the resources God has entrusted to me to share their story with others.  But I can also pray and petition our Lord to keep everyone safe and that they might find HIS redeeming love. 

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  1. So scary. But wow...I couldn't imagine going through it. Seeing what they saw. Bless them.

  2. Great review, Jessica. Loved browsing your site. You've clearly got something good going on here!
    : )

    KjL, The Exodus Road