Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sarah Mae Meeting

I wrote this post many days ago - soon after I came home from Allume. I still feel the exact same way as I did then.  Thank you to my new friend. :)

One of the highlights of my time at the conference was the chance to finally get to meet miss Sarah Mae. I saw her many times Thursday evening and right at the end of the night I got to introduce myself.  We are both from the same state and a couple years ago we tried to meet up at a homeschooling convention but it didn't work out.  I adore her, her blog, and I may have promoted one or two of her books from time to time. :)

Friday morning started off with me being particularly weepy for some reason, when I got there early for breakfast I saw Sarah Mae running around, I had thankfully tucked her book into my bag hoping to see her so she could sign it.  Bingo! I asked her and her response 'how about I just sit with you at breakfast and we can chat'.  Seriously????  I thought I was weepy before... it's a surprise I wasn't a blubbering mess in my french toast. We had a great time chatting (you know just like old friends) and her hubby joined us as well. We had a nice chuckle over our 'dumb' phone when it came time to snap a picture of us - thankfully her husband came through with his 'smartphone'. :)

The next day I noticed her running around at lunch and she seemed pretty distracted, so I asked her if all was ok and if she needed anything - actually they were looking for volunteers to fold boxes for the Shoebox Ministry... um I would scrub toilets with you if you needed!  So off I went - seriously me, Sarah Mae, her sister, and her husband just sitting around folding boxes and chatting.  I'm surprised they didn't have to mop me up off the floor!  What I loved was how down to earth and gentle they were... and how much they love God. It truly just shone in their faces.... the love of Christ for each one there.

Later I also saved the day for her by carrying a binder clip with me but you know by then we were old buddies. :)

I know this is an entire post dedicated to meeting one lady... but what made the events stick out to me what how she treated me with the same love and joy as she did her best buddy Logan. She truly made me feel special and loved - part of the family - a sister in Christ!  And it made me think about how I treated others there too - we were all sisters and we should all be treated with the same respect. I was taught so much from her in just those few short times of fellowship. God is good and He's even better when you're serving Him - never pass up an opportunity to serve - you never know who you might get to serve with. :)

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