Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Long Awakening Review & Giveaway!


The winner is Jake-Liz Polka!!!  Congrats. I'll have an easy time getting it to her! :) hope you enjoy it. If you're interested in purchasing this book the link is below.  It's a good read - I promise. 

Long Awakening, The: A Memoir

This is just one of the many books I received at Allume - I read this book during our long drive home Sunday.  It probably wasn't the best book to read as it's about a lady who gives birth and then shortly after has some major emergency complications and spend the next 47 days in a medically induced coma and then a couple months of recovery and rehab.  It's her memoir of recovery and putting together the puzzle of what happened while she was missing from life.

Nathan kept trying to convince me to put it away since I started crying about 2 pages in to it.

But not once in the entire book did I feel bad for her or was sad for her.... the hardest part I had reading was the sharing of what her husband and other children were going through while she was in the coma.  Yes she suffered but she had no idea she was suffering.... oh the emotions of her family just about made me want to throw the book out the window while driving down the road. I cried so many tears over her distraught husband. I'll be honest and say sometimes when I think about if something would happen to me I don't even consider what I would be missing but I think about what the rest of my family would go through and that will send me into near panic mode about having everything taken care of so it's easier on them.....cause knowing where the bills are all filed is going to make it easier on Nathan? no I didn't think so either.

There were two sections of the book that that really stuck out to me.  One made me believe that they had a much stronger faith than what was portrayed in the book, one I wish they would have expanded more on.  She spoke of not caring what others said to her or about her as long as the glory went back to God. And that is oh so true.

The second really revealed her honesty in dealing with being a 'miracle' and not being as excited as others:

"A miracle at the hand of God. A miracle that could not be explained any other way. A miracle because people had prayed, and God had say yes. A miracle that I'd missed." pg 125

I do recommend this book - it was a pretty easy read but one you still had to pay attention to while reading so you didn't miss anything. I am a pro at skimming while reading so I really liked what this book did to me and forcing me to slow down while reading.   But it was also a 'hard' read because my heart broke for her and her family so often, if you like a happy ending then this book is for you :)

I'm giving away my copy of it - enter below~

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