Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Baby Update: Week 21

Wow half way there already - this is flying by.  I'm feeling pretty good, as Nathan says 'you are in your pregnancy prime' and basically he's right. I have that cute pregnant look - not too big, and not too small where people just try to guess if you ate too much as Thanksgiving. I have energy and motivation to get things done. And I haven't had leg cramps in a couple weeks - I'm doing GREAT! :)

Not much movement being felt yet which is annoying and bothersome. I feel at this point I should be feeling lots more movement so I try to be patient and not jump to crazy conclusions.... which is very hard because of my dreams I continue to have. Every pregnancy I struggle with some type of theme in my dreams and this time is no exception.  Naomi (2 yr old) is currently fighting fifth's disease so that's been a challenge and I had to make a couple phone calls to other preggo women to have blood work done and be checked out.  Always something right?

Life is good right now and we are slowly moving towards accepting our family will be a family of 6 by summer. It's still overwhelming and nerve-wrecking some days but other than that we are excited.

How about you? How did you deal with an unexpected pregnancy?

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