Thursday, December 12, 2013

Media Fast Part 2

The last Chip Ingram study I did we completed a 48 hour media fast.... a complete and total removal of all media related stuff.  It was difficult but wasn't too bad since I knew it was only 48 hours.

This study.... he's challenging us to do a 10 day media fast. Um... really?

10 days. 10 long days.  I really have no media in my life except the occasional radio station while I'm driving and even then I never listen to an entire song... I'm a scanner :)

But facebook.... oh facebook, my only connection to the outside world.  Other mommies. Friends. Family. LIFE.   How am I to grow my blog page? How am I to grow Lilla Rose if I'm not on the computer all the time?

I got to thinking, it would actually be easier to completely walk away from facebook for awhile.   But easier isn't what we want to do.  We want hard, difficult, needing Jesus to help us levels.  So I'm going to limit myself.  I'm going to give myself guidelines and time frames. I'm going to make myself stop at a certain time and walk away.  That will be harder.... to make myself walk away each day at maybe two different times then just to shut the computer down and not turn it back on for 10 days.

Make sense?

It will involve a lot more will power than what I have, but that's the point. I am to put off the old and put on the new while renewing my mind.

Redeeming the time for the days are evil

My desire is to spend more time on the floor and couch with my little ones.... reading, playing, creating crafts, playing games, just being with them instead of pushing them away.

And I can only do it by God's grace and with His help.  I'm going to give myself 2 hours a day.... that may seem like a lot or it may seem like a little to some people.  But for now it's 2 hours of computer a day - banking, chatting, emailing, etc.  I will have to prioritize and manage my time efficiently.  I'll be popping in to update you from time to time.  

Anyone want to join in?

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