Friday, December 6, 2013

Working on my heart

There are some days I really wonder what God is up to and what big plan He has in store for me.  Not sure if any of you are active in a small group, very intimate bible study with other ladies but I am. And I am SO thankful for them.  God has been slowly working and tweaking things in my heart over the past couple months but boy last night.  Have you ever had one where you just sat and cried... sobbing cries where you couldn't even talk about what you were crying about?

Yep happened to me last night.

But I also learned lots just from sitting and listening to wiser and more experienced women. I realized that it's my choice to feel this way. It's my choice to be depressed and unhappy with things. It's MY choice to do something about it.

So today I am. I am embracing the day with joy and grace. I am preparing and mentally focusing on a good day. I am going to enjoy my children and the things we do.

In fact I'm throwing school out the window and we are going to bake Christmas cookies today. And by gosh we're going to enjoy it. ha! :)

Praying for each of you and the struggle you may be going through today.

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