Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baby Update: Week 26

How time flies... it seems like just yesterday I was announcing.  It's the first Tuesday of the month so time for a quick update.

Even though 26 weeks still seems so far away from 40 weeks. And then I say - 14 weeks left and suddenly 14 is a whole lot less than 26 so it seems pretty close.

14 sundays... 7 more pay days....oh my goodness.... even though 3 months seems so far away. When you break it down it really doesn't seem that long.

Lydia has a calendar she marks off each night - last night it read 99 days... we are less than 100 days away!

I'm still in my pregnancy prime as Nathan calls it.  So I am really enjoying this time. Although my leg cramps and heart burn make some evenings less enjoyable then other.  I am also suffering from horrible ligament pains... in the middle of the night. I get awake crying from them and there isn't a darn thing to do except wait them out.

The kids are so excited and have been trying to feel him move whenever they can.  Of course he doesn't obey timley so they get bored easily. It's pretty cute when Naomi calls him Bicah, She also just learned to say 'Siah' and screams this constantly until her brother responds to her.

So all in all, we're just plugging away and keeping up with doctor appointments.  As tiring as this is I also feel in pretty good shape because well I have three other ones at home..... I am staying pretty active. But I will say Thank Goodness for computers.... I really need a mid-afternoon snooze to get me through the evening so that has been a life saver for me ;) 

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