Sunday, January 5, 2014

Just a day in our life....

So here I sit at 10:05pm with one very awake little girl.  But let me tell you how our day started.

It was 8:25am this morning and we were running around like crazy trying to get out of the house by 8:30 for Sunday school.  I was multi-tasking and brushing my teeth and decided to try and put Naomi's socks on at the same time.  Pulled her up into my lap.

She was holding a small plastic hair dryer.

Josiah went to grab it off of her.

She reared back and smacked me square in the nose with the toy.

I yelled. loud. and pushed her off of my lap on to the floor.

And yelled again (with a toothbrush still in my mouth).

The look of pure terror on my son's face quickly arose and I broke.

Naomi was laying on the floor crying, Josiah was standing there in terror of his own mother, and I was running for the sick because I was dripping gunk all over the place.  Started to tear up and just about was completely bawling.

Nathan came down stairs to find all three of us crying, and when he picked Naomi up found her lip was split from hitting the toy and that really sent me over the edge! I was sobbing by then. I hurt my daughter and my poor son was terrified of me. 

Gathered everyone in to the car and headed out to church. On the way my sweet son called my name and when I answered he responded 'I love you'.  fresh tears.

Church.  Fellowship lunch. Afternoon service.

Then a wonderful and amazing bible study with a sweet group of girls.  Called home when I left and found out that Lydia had just woken up from a very long afternoon nap. NOT normal.  Arrived home and found out she was in bed again.  Oh boy.  She woke up about 6:30ish and we got some Tylenol and toast into one very warm little girl.  We both fell back asleep about 7:30ish, and she just woke me up about 9:30... and she's WIDE awake now.  She literally had been sleeping off and on all day. 

Anyone want to guess when we'll get to go back to sleep??? :)

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