Thursday, September 30, 2010

another reason to check receipts....

Boy this blog is keeping me busier then I thought it would - and I LOVE it.  I was worried about having enough to write about... turns out that was a silly worry (aren't they all).

Popped into Giant Eagle again this morning before work and picked up a ton of fresh veggies, and a couple diapers that were on sale.  I grabbed two cans of artichokes and saw the price - $2.29.  Though eh - but not making it up to Aldi's anytime soon.  And went on my way.  As we were heading over to work I quickly scanned my receipt and saw $3.49... WHAT?  Of course 2nd guessed myself the entire morning - at lunch we ran to Rite-aid (next post coming!) and then I quickly ran back in to GE.   Went back myself to be sure that I had the right can and make sure something wasn't misplaced.  Nope - it said $2.29 on the sticker. 

So back up to the service desk.  Did you know if you buy two items at GE and they ring up more expensive then the posted price you get the first item free and the 2nd item is price adjusted.  How cool is that.  I was worried about spending $2.29 on a can and God gave me two for $2.29.  I love Him!

I know I mentioned yesterday about going to the service desk on the same visit but today it wasn't possible.  Guess I proved myself wrong!

*update*  Just was looking over my receipt... again - cause I like to do that. And realized I made a mistake.  There is a deal running right now - buy 4 flours for $1.99 and receive a FREE 9x13 baking pan.  For some reason I thought it said 5... so I bought 5 flours instead of 4.  *fail*

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