Thursday, September 30, 2010

When not to shop....

As I mentioned in my previous post... it's raining here (at least I think I mentioned it).  We need the rain, but it started my lunch hour off by making me flustered, cold, and wet. 

Rite-aid is having some deals right now where if you buy $30 in P&G products you receive a $10UP reward.  I was all set - I had coupons (all from last weeks P&G), lists, another list, and my stuff already split up into different orders. 

Did I mention I was flustered?  I stood in front of the Olay and Covergirl sections adding, subtracting, re-adding, taking off coupons, adding coupons over and over until I realized - it just wasn't worth it today.  Oh that was liberating! I just tucked all my coupons back into my purse and walked away.  Yes I may have missed out on a good deal but if it's causing me stress.  It's not worth it.

I love couponing and saving money.  But I do not want it to control my life.  I do not want everything I do and say revolve around the best deals.  I want to enjoy it - all the time.  I love to shop (I have often thought about opening a personal grocery shopping business).  When it becomes unfun - I know it's time to take a step back and re-evaluate things. 

Try it - it truly is liberating!

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  1. Hey! Stopping in to say hello...Erin sent me. She says your amazing :) Beautiful blog can't wait to learn here, I'm not a big couponer(sp?) because I don't buy a lot of things that have coupons. But that's okay, still room to learn how to shop smarter!