Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Children's Innocent Prayers

There is nothing sweeter than a child's prayer - for example my daughters last night before bed.
"God is great, God is great, Thank you for our food, thank you for Pa and Grandma, thank you for mommy and daddy, please make mommy and daddy feel better, thank you for my brother, thank you for mommy and daddy. Amen."

I am so thankful when you finally see fruit of your labor.  Having her on her own start to expand her prayers just warms my heart like no other. When she realizes there are others to be thankful for.  When the realization that she can ask God for things and have such simple faith that He will fix them. It's just an amazing experience.

I am praying that God will use her to change me - help me to realize that when I need Him my faith needs to be simple and strong.  I need to pray for others (not just myself), I must be patient, and I just need to trust.

Today's post is short and sweet - just like my daughter.

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