Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 2

Day 2 of my resolutions - review them here.

Exercise - nope didn't happen today.  Hubby wanted to cuddle and the alarm was turned off in just a couple seconds.  The extra rest was nice.

Money-saving - doing ok.  Giant Eagle is having some great deals on meat for 3 days and we stopped to stock up this morning.  But... it was stuff we needed - we were running low on pork!

And we're adding another category to our envelope system as hubby thinks we over spend in this area too - Miscellaneous - this basically covers anything that doesn't fit in other categories (usually stuff bought at walmart!).  For example - today we are running to buy zippered pouches - you know the ones you used to use in school for pens and pencils, to keep our money separated, I am finding envelopes don't work too well as I keep losing change out of them.  And we need to pick up some gas cans - both of these items would go in our miscellaneous expense pouch :)

I will try to post through out the weekend but if I don't get a chance I will post an update on Sunday evening for Saturday and Sunday. 

So in summary

week 1 - X (1 time so far)

Groceries - $272.39 - $27.61 spent
Restaurants - $35.76 - $4.24 spent
Rite-Aid/CVS - $40 - $0 spent
Miscellaneous - $150 - $0 spent

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