Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Resolution Update

Review them here.

Exercise - I really despise exercising. It's just not my thing.  BUT - if I want results I must do it.  Why in the world we chose to start exercising in the winter is beyond me - it's cold outside, the wind is howling, I want nothing more than to hit my snooze a couple times (ok 6) and snuggle back down under the covers.  My pup woke me up this morning and I realized I had no good reason to go back to bed.  So today is day 1 of this week - no worries I still have 4 days to get two more exercises in.

Money-saving - So far so good.  Wanted to go shopping yesterday over lunch but had left my money envelopes at home - I was very disciplined and did not go out and shop since I didn't have my cash with me.  Probably saved me some money too!

So in summary

week 1 - X, X
week 2 -X

Groceries - $300 - $ 263.42 left
Restaurants - $40 - $34.71 left
Rite-Aid/CVS - $40 - $38.88 left
Miscellaneous - $150 - $90.76 left

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