Saturday, December 11, 2010

Resolution Update

Yes I'm starting my resolutions a month early - read about them here.

Exercise - Haven't done too bad.  One morning I didn't walk on the treadmill but I spent 30 minutes cleaning up the toy room - I think that should count for something. I've also already seen an improvement in my attitude or willingness to work out.  Yesterday I walked for a minute more than I had scheduled because I wanted to reach the end of a lap.  I'm only walking a mile and half in 30 minutes but each day I want to either do it faster or walk a bit more.  Knowing I have ladies following me progress makes it so much more meaningful.

Money-saving -As I stated before I blew my Drug Store money by accident so I'm at zero there.  I did go grocery shopping yesterday and spend a bit too much, BUT the majority of what I bought yesterday I had coupons for and is being donated to the Salvation Army so I'm not worried about it at all.  I think next month I'm going to expand this even more - it's so fun to have that cash and actually spend it and watch so easily how much you save.  It's very liberating!

So in summary

week 1 - X, X
week 2 -X. X. X

Groceries - $300 - $ 213.42 left
Restaurants - $40 - $28.53 left
Rite-Aid/CVS - $40 - $0 left
Miscellaneous - $150 - $90.76 left

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