Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wal-Mart Trip

I love Wal-Mart's new coupon policy.... they can not adjust down a coupon amount - so if there's overage you get it applied to your total.  :)

This morning I was able to get 6 dental floss, 1 deodorant, 2 K-Y, 1 Senokot (laxative), and 1 package of  wipes for a grand total of...... $4.59... but wait I have a rebate to submit for $5.84.  So it basically comes out even.  Love it! 

My total before coupons was $23.35. 

I do not frequent Wal-Mart often, but anytime I have high value coupons that are going to expire I'll sacrifice 30 minutes of sleep to get up early and go check out the prices.  It is worth it!

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