Monday, September 19, 2011

Why I LOVE Swagbucks!

My baby boy turned 2 almost 10 days ago.  I can not believe it and am amazed everyday by my little boy.  He is such a blessing to us.

And he is ALL boy... ha! He is obsessed with motorcycles.  He loves them - really he loves anything that moves and has wheels. I found this adorable ride-on motorcycle and just knew he would love it.  There was no question he was getting this gift - but I wasn't sure how we were going to pay for it......

I had almost forgotten about Swagbucks and how many I had accumulated so far.  Did you know you can get a $5 e-Amazon card for only 450 points? So I started redeeming my points and before I knew it I had plenty to cover the entire cost of motorcycle.

If you don't use Swagbucks you need to start!  You can earn points by taking surveys, daily polls, shopping, etc.  The main and pretty much only way I earn SB is by searching the web.  I downloaded the tool bar and use it every time I need to find something on the web - even if I know where it is - I probably search for 'facebook' eight times a day. :)  But that's ok - it's a super easy way to rack up points.

Once you've accumulated 450 points you just start redeeming them for gift cards - you can only redeem 2 'like' rewards a day, and 5 'like' rewards in a month - so you do need to plan ahead for bigger purchases. But you can stack these rewards so it's not a problem at all to 'stock pile' them.

So make sure you sign up now and get started on earning some swag!

And no worries I will post a picture of my buddy opening his gift - I can not wait to see his face!

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