Tuesday, October 4, 2011


September 19th was my last blog entry????  Where does time go?

I can't believe how quickly time is moving along right now.  I'm finally at 35 weeks preggo and can't wait till the finish line.  I am just ready to be able to breath again and not be out of breath just by standing up! I know my little ones are ready to have their mommy back as well.  Pregnancy takes so much out of you.

The addition project is coming along slowly but surely.  We are under roof and much more relaxed about getting everything done.  Although as the weather gets colder I'd like to get the insulation put in and get it all sealed up... BUT if that doesn't happen it will be OK too.

I'd like to get back on track with posting regularly here again.  I really enjoy it and have felt bad for not being more regular and diligent with my posting.  I really hope that once the baby comes, the holidays are out of the way and the new year begins that I will finally be able to start a regular schedule/routine. My husband and I jokingly refer to February as our 'ok month' things will finally be OK by then. ha! :)

So total random post but wanted to say... I'm still alive!

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