Sunday, November 20, 2011

Miss Naomi

It's been pretty quiet here... 3 weeks ago I was blessed with my third child. Another girl! 

Some of you read the story on facebook but for those who haven't.... here it is.

So here's my story....

I went to bed last night feeling perfectly fine - some mild ligament pains but no contractions. Got up to pee 3 or 4 times and at 4 after I got back on the couch Rufus rang the bell to go outside and pee. I couldn't believe it. So thankfully I put on my robe and opened the door and saw snow! Was mumbling under my breath and Rufus at this point - stepped out onto the porch to grab his tether and my water broke. On the front porch. At 4AM. In the snow. I was FREEZING... and the water was gushing so I didnt want to go back inside and yet I knew I had to somehow get Nathan awake (who was upstairs sleeping!!!).

At that point I was having no contractions or any pain.  Yelled for Nathan and he thankfully heard me and came running....  Called my mom she came over to watch the kids.  I gave Rufus a treat - I would have cried had that happened on my couch!  We got in the car and headed to the hospital.  At no point am I in pain yet.  Get admitted and checked - 5cm.  Contractions feel like cramps at this point.... about an hour later they check me - 6cm.  Contractions are getting stronger and really close together - she's sunny-side up so it's back labor and I can't control the panic of pain.... ask for an epidural because i can feel myself losing control at the frequency and intenstity of the contractions.  Epidural man shows up and I get it about 7:30. I am 7cm at this point. check me again - 8cm, one more 9cm... soon it's 10cm.

8:18 - Dr decides it's time to get dressed - I push once and she crowns and turns over. Push again and they realize the cord is around her neck. Push again and out she comes... huge baby! I'm laughing and talking at this point... no pain, feeling wonderful.  And we're good. I don't have one tear or stitch... can not believe it.  At 8.10 I figured I was in trouble for some major pain.  But literally feel wonderful today.

PRAISING GOD all the way on this one. :)

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