Tuesday, January 29, 2013

desperate: Introduction

I love this book. Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe I seriously can not read it fast enough... but I'm pacing myself, making myself re-read it and actually complete the questions at the end.  I got a journal and I'm tracking my progress.

"Motherhood was something I planned for, something I wanted, so why was living it out so drastically different from my expectations?"(pg XVI)

I always thought I was going to be a good mom until I had kids. :)  I was not in a state of depression when I got this book but I sure was tired. With having a 3 little ones under 5 I was tired. just plain tired. I was feeling unsupported by family with some of the decisions we had recently made and it was discouraging. I had lost a friend whom I held dear in my heart to somewhere else and I was struggling.

This book came along at just the right time and already God is providing new friends and support in amazing ways!  He is so good! I am so thankful and grateful for everything that is happening in my life right now.

Sarah Mae says - We moms don't need an instruction manuals. We need physical help.  

Sometimes we need physical help but more often then not we just need an ear to listen who understands... who says yes I've been there - yes it's hard right now. It's very hard right now BUT it will get better.  And yes you will realize it after the fact and then it will be your turn to encourage the next young new mother that comes along and looks ready to cry at moment's notice.

It's sorta like Marley and Me* - my husband and I watched it the other night and both cried... me sobbing tears and my hubby getting up to get a drink to secretly wipe his eyes.  It wasn't that the dog died (ok it's not really a spoiler so don't get upset at me) but that the movie was like a mirror image of our lives right now.  No one tells you how hard it's really going to be and how hard you sometimes have to fight for what you love - even if it's just cause you're so tired you talk in languages you didn't even know existed! But you get through it and you're stronger in the end.

Come back on Thursday for me to review the next chapter! I'm joining in the online book club at  SarahMae.com and I Take Joy.

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*While I really enjoyed this movie I do not recommend it for young children - there were a couple words that we would have really preferred did not make it into the movie!

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