Monday, February 25, 2013

desperate: escaping from your children

Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe

How many times a day do you wish for just 5 minutes of quiet... 5 minutes without someone needing, whining, crying, screaming about something and usually to me it's about nothing... but to my sweet babes it is something and it's something important.  And because of that it should be important to me... I need to take a step back, get down to their level and find out why it's' so important.

And then wait for my husband to get home so I can use the bathroom in peace.

Chapter 8 was once again amazing (I have seriously loved every chapter of this book so far!)

In this chapter Sarah Mae talks about addictions and ways we avoid our children.  I'm a pro at it. ha!  I worked outside the home for about 8 years before we had children... and while I enjoyed my job and those I worked with... I really don't feel I was qualified for my job... oh I was in the beginning but I felt it grew and I didn't grow along with it..... I wanted to be home with my kiddos.  So I became a professional at looking busy and wasting time. And I have not been able to get out of that mode.  It's horrible :(

With access to easy to the Internet (aka alternate realities) you can easily disappear for hours at a time - into other blogs, looking at pictures of celebrities, reading articles, watching tv online.... you name it - it's easily done.   Even completing surveys to earn extra money - while not technically bad but if you are putting off your other responsibilities then yes it's bad.... all things need to be in moderation.

desperate talks specifically about trying to win these struggles, finding a friend who you can be accountable to and getting help to be putting your time and effort into your eternal rewards - your children. 

I am hoping to start today (I posted this on Tuesday but wrote it on Monday!) of staying off the computer most of the day.  Nothing is so important then to ignore my babies.  Which means I need to start getting up earlier in the morning and using my time more wisely. Which after being pregnant or nursing solidly for the past 6 years I am loving the fact that I actually am sleeping through the night now.  It's wonderful.  But I'm also becoming lazy :( *

*Thought I would update you about how today (Monday) went. I did pretty good until late morning... about 11ish and then it got crazy with emails and submitting some orders online - hubby needed new running shoes, had to use up that awesome Cabela's gift card, am researching some more essential oils...... and suddenly it was late afternoon and I'd wasted a bunch of time again (although I did get to chat with some of my best girls online for a bit!). Tomorrow is another day and another chance.  I love grace!

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  1. I started setting an alarm and when it went off, that's it, I was done on the computer. It's so easy for hours to go by. And we forget our children grow quick as a blink. Since we have the precious time with them, it's good not to waste a minute.

    1. my first comment didn't go through for some reason.... thank you so much for your support. You are a dear friend and wonderful Titus 2 woman! I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your reward awaits you in Heaven!