Thursday, February 28, 2013

Saving Star

I'm not sure how many readers are a pro at saving money so from time to time I will be posting ways to save money.

Direct Registration Link

One of the easiest ways I have found to tuck away a little extra money is with SavingStar.  You can register here.  Then you log all your store cards.  Once you have done that. You 'clip' coupons depending on what you normally buy.   The way it works is that stores send data to SavingStar letting them know what you bought - your account is then credited for the coupon amounts.  What's great is these are on top of store sales and other coupons - so you can normally get a really great deal.  I love to look at this money as extra/bonus money... and save it for a rainy day or cash it in right before Christmas to help with shopping!

Plus right now they have an awesome contest going on.  I'll be your friend if you win :)

Sign up for a free SavingStar account today and get eCoupons

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  1. Don't forget they have an APP so if you have a smartphone it literally takes seconds to clip your coupons!