Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ouch. that hurts

I was wasting time yesterday while Lydia had some computer time and stumbled across a blog I used to read awhile ago - Urban Servant.  I just am amazed at this woman's story... and her families. They are truly saints and servants of Christ!

But her last post really made me take a step back - Caught Again: In the Judgement Seat. Go read it I'll wait.

You back?

Hurt huh.  How often do we make those rash judgements.... those harsh judgements because we don't know the whole story.  My husband and I just did that with some dear friends of ours... heard something, started speculating and making assumptions.  SHAME ON US!  This week we just found out the whole story and wow.... thank goodness we didn't go out and share any of our 'thoughts' with anyone cause we would have had some major apologizing and asking for forgiveness to do.  The end of the story is humbling and heartwarming as to what is actually going on.

You just never know.  Before you judge take a minute and think of the situation in a different light and then maybe give that person some encouragement or even a small prayer on their behalf. 

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