Monday, March 18, 2013

That man!

So Friday I posted this sappy post about my husband!

Saturday was my birthday.  I knew something was up and I am a self professing 'snoop' people have a VERY hard time surprising me. I just seem to pick up on all details.  So I had been set off by little things for awhile.  But my husband had arranged for my best friend and I to make a trip up to The Woods Spa above Indiana PA for a morning of pampering.  It was wonderful!

We got massages, a foot soak (that was eh - I think the water should have been heated up again at some point!), and then a facial.  It was wonderful and so needed!!!

Then I got to meet up with lunch with two of my best girlies.... there was a third but she decided to go ahead and have her precious baby girl on Friday instead of joining us - how rude! :) Just kidding, I am thrilled for them and got to hold that bundle on Sunday (and officially set off that baby fever). ha

Lunch was amazing and full of heart warming/wrenching conversation.  How you might ask - it was full of God centered talk and things we are burdened for - so to have those conversation was so heart warming but at the same time we were saddened by the lack of effort of some people. But to be able to have those type of conversations with friends is just showing how much good fellowship is needed and appreciated by Christians. And this is how God uses us to get things done - He places burdens on our hearts and we start to work together to remove them - it's amazing!

After lunch it was out for an afternoon of shopping - coupon shopping - with no kids!!!!!  We hit the Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, and CVS.  Big day let me tell you!

Then it was home for a dinner made by my mom and Nathan! Pot Roast - my favorite! 

THANK YOU my dear husband and best friend for lying to me for 2 weeks - it was well worth it!

Love you both :)

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