Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Desperate: Desperate....Not Defeated

Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe

This book is starting to come to a close and I'm excited for that... because then I can really start living it. I have thoroughly enjoyed posting on each chapter the past couple weeks. I pray that I have been an encouragement to each of you at some point.

desperate...not defeated. I think this chapter could talk about many areas of our lives.  From being a mother to being a child of God.  We are all desperate at some point but with the grace and saving power of Jesus we are NEVER defeated! Amen? :)

In just the few short weeks I've been reading this book I feel like I have grown in my maturity as a mother.... I'm not out of the trenches yet as I still have a 5, 3, and 1 year olds and we probably are not done having children but I do have some experience that I can share with other new moms... to be the one who may not tell them what they want to hear but to tell them what will help them when those dark and sleepless days and nights come!

Isn't that what Jesus did - He warned us of the bad times, the trials, the tribulations, the struggles, but then He talked about the rewards, the Hope we have, the eternity of peace, joy, and love.  We just have to trudge through the rough times to get to the rewards in both our motherhood and Christian life.... and in that regard I think we might be double dipping in rewards - the rewards of having well-raised Children and the rewards awaiting us in Heaven for raising our children in Christ.  For a bargain-seeking girl I love a two-for-one deal! 

If I could give one chapter to all the older experience Titus 2 women in my life this would be the one.  To encourage them to not forget the times when they felt defeated and desperate and then take those feelings and do something kind and encouraging for a young mother.  To sit back - make a list of things you wished you would have had help with and then do them for someone else.  And in the same sentence I would encourage and plead with the young moms to let the Titus 2 women do these things - do not deny them the blessing they will receive for doing God's will.  I promise you - in the end you will both be blessed in amazing ways!

I know I've tagged these posts many times with Gratituesday because well I am so thankful for this book and how it has pushed me out of my comfort zones to realize that there is so much more out there just waiting if I just let it happen and realize that these days will be gone before I know it so take advantage of the friends and family you have - let them bless you and in return bless themselves either now or in Heaven! 

God is soooo good!

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