Tuesday, March 12, 2013

desperate - living on purpose

Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe

As I sat on the couch re-reading this chapter and snugging with my baby girl who is working on some teeth, while trying to concentrate cause my mind kept wandering back to a prayer I had started earlier for a good friend who may or may not be in the beginning stages of labor with her much anticipated first baby I struggled to find the point of this chapter.....

and then it hit me - this chapter is not about your children and how to raise them - this chapter is about YOU and becoming the mother YOU want to be.

It's about what YOU want your children to remember of you... your legacy.  And how to focus on that because when you have a goal, a prize in your mind you are more apt to work hard towards that...and you're more likely to be happy while doing it. 

Sally says 'as you seek to find footing on this path toward intentional motherhood, developing a plan to bring forth your ideals into each of your family members' lives must begin with your own walk.'. (pg 151)

Sarah Mae talks openly about her fight with depression and how to tries to stay ahead of it at all times - with staying in the word of God.

I am failing here.... I am failing bad here.  Our church family has suffered a great loss this week - a daughter passed away and her parents don't know where she is spending eternity.  There is nothing worse than thinking your child didn't just pass away but they are facing an eternity of suffering.  But yet their faith hasn't faltered at all.... they are sure and secure in the legacy they are leaving behind.  What is the legacy I want to leave behind for my children - do I want them to suffer when I pass away by knowing know where I am or if they will see me again? NO.  I must re-prioritize and focus on what is important in my life - in our lives. I must focus on leaving a legacy of graciousness, faithfulness, and Godliness (pg 148-149).   

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