Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Good Deals

I am so thankful for good deals... and the ability to find them.  I know that sounds trite and a little generic but I am honestly so thankful for them. Life is expensive lately and it seems to be getting more expensive.  And just when you think you've had a good month and might have some money left over something else happens - the microwave blows up, there's unexpected happenings at church, you have to throw away an entire box of little shoes cause you open it up and there's mold inside :(.... not that I would know anything about that right now.

With so many of these deals and shopping online it has been possible for me to stay home with my kids.  Yes it's a lot of work sometimes but I feel that's the way I help contribute to my family is making those $$ stretch as far as they can.

Which is why I was thrilled to find this new site - Educents.  I love daily deal sites and have gotten some amazing deals with them.... but to finally have one that is education based is thrilling!!!! 

This is a new site and they launch April 2nd.  And to spread the word they are offering up a FREE $15 gift card to anyone who signs up.  Right now all the sign up is your name, email, and position in life (parent, teacher, grandparent, homeschooler, etc).  Then in a couple minutes you'll receive the email with your confirmation, click that, then receive your gift card.   Plus the more people who sign up the better deals they are going to be able to offer. Loving it!!! 

So go sign up and then we'll have a post to share what great deals we were able to score cause boy homeschooling is not cheap!

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