Wednesday, March 13, 2013

desperate - the art of life

Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe

There are some chapters in this book that I feel like I could read over and over and still learn something each time.  The last couple chapters have really been working on my mommy heart and what kind of mommy my Lord wants me to be not what ever else thinks I should be doing (or not doing!).  I have to have peace with what surrounds me or it's not going to go well at all. 

This chapter talks about living life and breathing life into your home and family.  A place where your children will thrive and grow... not a place where they will be afraid and unhappy. 

How do we do that? What makes our homes one that others will enjoy and want to visit... ours for instance is lived in.  We have three small children - life surrounds us everywhere.  Do we try to keep up with the house yes - do we sometimes put our children ahead of another moping of the floor or dusting the bookshelf again - you bet.  Are the toys picked up every single night - no.  If you come over will it look like three small children live here - yes, because they do. 

But that's not all - we also practice joy in our lives... we worship and praise all the day and night.  Do we have bad days, do we lose our tempers, do we say and do things we wish we didn't you bet. But for the most part is our goal and desire to raise our children who love and obey our Lord. yes.  So how do we make that work? How do we put that into our lives - we have traditions and routines... we pray before we meals, bedtime, and school.  We surround ourselves with books that teach our children.  Right now we are trying to read through the Chronicles of Narnia Box Set.  Every night when we are able we snuggle down on the couch and listen to Nathan read a chapter and then talk about it.  It's not much right now but our babies are young and their attention spans are small. :)

How do you practice life in your home? What are some things you do to encourage growth and love?

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