Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Clutter-Busting Challenge

Money Saving Mom is going to be hosting a Clutter-Busting Challenge the entire month of May. Every day you are supposed to get rid of 7 things.

I will not promise that I will post every day since I normally don't post Saturday & Sunday, but maybe on Friday my goal will be to toss 21 things instead. 

I am super excited about this challenge.  Our annual community yard sale is the first Saturday in June and believe me I have lots of clutter to go through.  My husband is going to be even more excited about this challenge than I am!

There is going to be a link up over at MSM and while I don't now if I'll post pictures each day I'll try to keep a box with the items in it and update you via pictures every so often! (Boy I need a smartphone!). 

Anyone interested in joining in?

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