Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Clutter-Busting: Day 1

Well the first of May is here and I'm participating in a Clutter-Busting Challenge. Every day for the month of May you get rid of 7 items in your house (this may spread to the outside toys too!).  Here's the details if you're interested in joining in - intro from yesterday.

I've decided to try and concentrate on one room at a time so I don't get overwhelmed, skip around, and miss things I really want to throw out!

I probably won't be posting many pictures because I don't have a 'smart' phone.  And it's just too many steps to get my pictures uploaded onto the computer right now. ha!

So the 7 items I weeded out today (and also put many in their place):
  1. pair of flip flop slipper that every time I wear them they hurt my feet - gone!
  2. box of socket sealers that I've had for over 2 years... obviously not going to install them
  3. expired bottle of saline drops from the newborn years
  4. random sandwich bag full of dried up baby wipes we used to carry in the extra diaper bag
  5. sorted and placed in envelopes to mail - large pile of older pictures I've been hanging on to
  6. random pile of business cards I've been hanging on to for no apparent reason
  7. pile of old doctor appointment cards that the appointments have come and went
Did you throw anything out today?  Was it easy or hard? The room I won't want to look at is the room all of this is going into until yard sale week!


  1. I packaged up some baby clothes to pass onto a friend. It's so great to clean out my daughter's drawers and only have clothes that fit her in them. :-)

    1. ha ha isn't that true..... but I have a hard time weeding out all the cute and adorable clothes... want to hang on to them for the next time. :)

  2. Because of our MOPS Market I have been doing a MAJOR purge. I think we took over at least 12 totes full as well as numerous boxes and bags of stuff. And we have a good bit of bedroom furniture in our garage waiting for me to list it to sell. We have way too much junk...way too much.

    1. oh man I wish I could come to this sale.... too many things going on this saturday to fit it in.... if they don't sell maybe you should take pictures and have an online sale! :)