Tuesday, April 30, 2013

oh hum de dum

well life happens right?

I didn't post on friday but I did end up getting my run in during the afternoon so that was great. It was cut short by Naomi's crying and then Lydia's who went up to try and lay down with her... she got stuck while trying to get back out of the crib. yep, never dull around here!

Monday's running didn't happen because I had a migraine the size of texas. I was soooo sick from it.  By lunchtime I was ready for bed...so I made all the kids lay down for naps at 12:30 and we slept for three hours... yes all four of us.  I was beyond thankful.  Had some issues getting everyone to bed last night BUT I was feeling better so it was no big deal.  If I had not got my nap yesterday afternoon it would have been horrible.

I'm being thankful that I did not sleep last night because that means I will get to bed early tonight, I will sleep through the night, and be able to wake up early to run.  Yes... look at the positive side of things always! :)

So today I am thankful for sleep yesterday, and no sleep last night (although Lydia made us a new word the other day - yesternight - why don't we use that word? It's not last day?  hmmmm)

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