Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My first harvest

yesterday I told the story and showed pictures of my destroyed garden

today I tell of the redemption :)

Saturday morning I ventured down to start really looking into the plants and see what was going on.  My dad came down to help, the first thing I saw was my cauliflower plants.... disgusting. They must have gotten too much rain, they were rotted through, so out those came. I think I got to salvage one and half heads.  But we got to looking at the broccoli and found 6 heads... big heads of that.  I was pretty excited and it gave me hope. 

Then I moved on to my peas and beans.  Couple pea pods were found (those are mostly eaten as they are picked), and another 3 or 4 handfuls of beans were found, ok my pile was getting bigger that was good.

Moved on to the hot peppers and found a ton of them but not quite ready to be picked but they survived the storm so that is encouraging.  Still only have 2 small green peppers on my 12 plants but I don't blame that on the storm just bad plants.

My dad decided he needed an onion for his lunch and pulled one.  Rotten.  what???  ugh... found a couple more that were rotten and it was decided then and there that they almost all needed to be pulled now instead of letting get super big.  Or so I thought.  As they were piling up I realized that they were much bigger than what I thought so that gave me some joy.  And my dad admitted that he was impressed - he was never able to grow onions :)  So we picked an entire laundry basket and then hung them out to dry.

Then I ventured down to my zucchini plants.... oh man were they in bad shape.  But I did find 4 zucchini and up to that point I thought they were a total lost cause, we did end up having to pull one plant out so I'm not sure if they will produce any more or not.

I pulled a couple stalks of corn because they were bent to the ground and then we discovered they were starting to tassel so I'm not sure I screwed up there or not but we decided to leave the rest and see what happens.

Next up was the cucumber plants that were basically buried by the knocked over tomato plants - I found 9 cucumbers!  but it took me 5 minutes to try and find my way back out after getting in there. :)

Lastly were my poor tomato plants.... we decided to just leave them because there really isn't anything we can do and they are loaded with tomatoes right now.  What as first I thought was a problem to have so many plants so close together may actually be a blessing.  They were able to sorta cushion the ones that got knocked down. 

God is good. 

here's my Vanna White photo of our bounty!

I was so upset on Friday when I saw what had happened, but our garden wasn't and isn't a total loss yet and that is such a blessing and reminder of God's goodness and faithfulness in ALL things.

What has God taught you lately?

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