Sunday, August 11, 2013

Blueberry Plants

yep that's the title of my post today.  I belong to an affiliate program that when I find great deals and share them with you then I earn a small amount. Normally I would put this money aside for a rainy day.... but I recently was able to score a ticket to a sold out conference - Allume.  And I am super excited, but I need to raise some money to pay for it.

So between now and the end of October I'll be trying to earn some extra money to tuck away for this trip.

Which leads me to the title of the post...

I was browsing the program and saw this deal that's out there -

yes.  Blueberry plants. I love blueberries.  Does anyone else? and they say to grow them inside which I'm super excited about.

So if you want to help me out and get some blueberry bushes out of it - please click above for more information. Thanks :)

Ok so you may have clicked on the link above but after trying the deal out myself it's not one I want to share with you. It wasn't clear and very confusing on what you had to buy, etc.  I do not want to do that - I will only share things that I have tried or at least attempted to try (remember the citrus lane disaster?)

But here's another one that might interest those who start Christmas shopping now. :) This is a great deal. I love the deals from Vistaprint and have ordered from here before. Hope you enjoy this one.

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