Monday, August 12, 2013

UnWired Mom Days 2 - 4

I tried to stay off over the weekend (that is my normal routine) but I did want to let you know how it's been going.  And to clear a couple things up.  This is not exactly like the 48 hr media fast I did which is where I completely stayed off social media, movies, tv, etc.

UnWired Mom is about letting YOU take control of the internet and not letting it control you.  Using the internet as a tool not as an escape. It's taking control of your life.  This challenge is 14 days and each day she gives you an activity to complete and something to think about or discover about yourself. It's been very interesting.

So on with how things are going. 

Friday August 9th:
Day two is in the bag.

Yesterday's assignment was to spend one-on-one time with my children and you read how that went.

Today's was to spend some quality time with my husband after the kids went to bed.  From the minute he got home from work we were frustrating each other with lack of communication.

Someone really doesn't want me to succeed at this challenge... ahem... satan - lay off ok.

Saturday August 10th:
I have been struggling with a migraine most of the week, it's been very discouraging. Today was a long day of being away from my home and family to help my Grandma and Mom sell food at an auction.  On the way home I was very determined to NOT get on the internet after being gone all day, I wanted to enjoy my family.  I think I did that... :)  Nathan and I put the kids to be early and enjoyed a Duck Dynasty episode and some ice cream.  It was really nice and more enjoyable then surfing the net.

Sunday August 11th:
Things continue to be a struggle because satan wants me to fail so bad that he is trying his hardest to destroy me and my confidence in myself as a mom.  My children were in rare form today and those are the times I want to ignore them because I'm tired of correcting and training once again after what seems like that's all I've done since I woke up.  It's rough for sure.

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