Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our special treat!

As most of you know our family is a one-income family.  We weren't always like this and when it happened we had to make some big changes.  One of them is doing fun (expensive) things as a family, but in the past years God has continued to provide for us.  We are annually invited to an event at Idlewild and we look forward to it every year.  This year was especially fun - it was the first time in 6 straight years I wasn't nursing a baby or pregnant with another one.  So we had very little restrictions or restraints to deal with.  It was awesome.

Although the weather was rainy most of the day and way too cold for the water park, poor Naomi only lasted about 30 minutes before her lips were blue, the day turned out perfect. We left early and didn't get home till late.  Usually Nathan or I would wear out and/or be beat down enough by the children that we would throw in the towel and come home early.  Not this year, we went into the day knowing that this is a special treat that only happens once a year and we need to enjoy it and approach the day with grace and mercy towards our children.  That doesn't mean excusing them for bad behavior or spoiling them, but being understanding of excitement, tiredness (Naomi never did nap), and schedules being off.

You know it's a long day when we finished it with stopping for a meal at 8:30 on the way home. That NEVER happens in our family. ha!

I am so thankful for this special treat and the fact we get to share it with family and friends alike.  Here are some pictures from our day.  Even though Naomi looks scared to death in most pictures she really did love everything. In fact at this age Lydia and Josiah never rode any rides so this truly was a great year because everyone was brave enough to ride! :)

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  1. What great photos! What fun :)

  2. Naomi with you on the carousal is one that will need framed! <3

    1. Do you find yourself struggling with getting pictures physically printed? I am so far behind on that ;)