Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A treat - no trick

Today I was suffering with a headache. I was tired. I was just frazzled with packing and prepping... I've been emotionally drained for a couple weeks now.

I had to make a trip into the chiropractor. I did not want to but knew it was needed for the next couple days to go well and so that I was productive enough to leave tomorrow.

The kids were great. They behaved themselves at the doctor's, they played quietly and just over all were good.

So I decided to treat.  Took them to the big M and let them get a happy meal (which I hardly ever do - do you know how much they are now??? geez). Then I sat back and let them just be happy.  I did not rush, I did not yell, I did not push to eat all the food so we could go.... I just let them be.  And oh were they happy.  I even heard a 'happy, happy, happy' come out of one of them.  It was joy.  Every time that sentence wanted to slip out I forced myself to stop and just enjoy them. I vowed to not rush them because I had no legitimate reason to rush them. I had no where I had to be, I had no appointments waiting for me, I had no good reason to rush. And I was not going to do it.

They ate the best they have ever ate... in fact I had to go order more food and I was thrilled with that. I was joyed beyond belief they had such a good time. The joy will get me through the next couple days. It was well worth the $20 bucks.

And you know what. I feel great now. The headache isn't gone but for some reason it's just not bothering me quite as much as it was earlier. It was a great day. :)

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