Monday, October 21, 2013

Allume - Finally here!

Today I am reflecting on God's goodness.... even when we don't deserve it or 'need' it. But truly just want it. I can't believe the time is finally here for us to leave. I am so excited, scared, and nervous all in one. The fellowship that is about to take place can't even be imagined.

But yet I continue to bring myself down with worry - 1) that I won't fit it, no one will talk to me, I'll be overwhelmed and 2) I am almost sick with worry over leaving my babies for this long. I mean I trust the grandparents we are leaving them with with our lives (I mean they did raise us and we survived) :)  BUT... my little Lydia is a special girl and sometimes it takes a lot of patience to deal with her. It can be very exhausting and many times you have to think WAY outside of the box with her.  So in particular she makes me nervous to leave..... I am trusting God on this one.

Back to being nervous about the conference - there are 450 women who are coming to this thing I'm sure there is at least one or two that I can make a connection with but it's finding that lady. Some of these women are beyond professional bloggers and some haven't even started blogging yet so I know I'll fit in there but yet satan continues to try and tug at my doubts and fears.

God has planned this whole thing out - and maybe it all comes down to the 18+ hours I'm going to end up being in the car with my dear husband. For someone who is not a traveler (ME) I am not looking forward to being stuck in a car but if there was anyone I would want to have to do it with it'd be my dear hubby.  Maybe the sweetest fellowship will be our uninterrupted time together and my fondest memories will come from that. I don't know but I am open to see what God has planned.  When I bought the ticket back in April I made a promise that if I did not get enough money to cover the costs for this trip then we would not go. It was something I wanted to do but I was not willing to go into debt over it. God came through again! :) Oh maybe not in the conventional way of dropping a load of cash in my lap but I do have the money. I sold some things, pushed my surplus on people, taught an extra class or two, pushed Amazon here, etc..... and I made sure to pocket every single cent that I brought it. And boom - we have enough. The ticket's been covered, the hotel in greenville, the hotel for the way down.... now we just have to make the extra stretch for gas and food on the way down, back, and while we are down there.  But He's brought us this far - it's not going to fail now. :)

I hope to occasionally give you updates and whatnot but won't promise anything. I am so looking forward to connecting and being refreshed and encouraged!

Thank you to everyone who may have helped in some little way!!!!  I love you all!

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