Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Baby Update Week 17

It's been another month and time for an update!

Things are finally going good - morning sickness is gone, energy levels are back up, and food intake has increased dramatically - just in time for the holidays. Yum Yum.

Which means that I must stick with my exercising if I don't plan on gaining way too much weight. I have been trying to walk at least one mile a day and on days all the kids cooperate I work towards 1.5 - 2 miles.  It's not easy and I would rather give up - but I'm also a total lover of sweets and baked goods and did I mention the holidays are coming up? yes... so I need to keep walking.

I'm in that stage where depending on what I have on I can either look really pregnant if I want to or I can just look like I've let myself go.  No one has asked me 'are you pregnant? or when are you due yet?' so I haven't hit that stage yet.

We are slowly getting more excited and my little ones are beyond excited! Naomi tried to shove her baby doll first up my shirt yesterday during Sunday school so the baby could be in my belly and after I said no to that - she tried to put it down my shirt so it could eat. :)  Going to get interesting for sure.  Lydia and Josiah are just anxious for the snow to come because they know once it melts the baby will be here.... um they are in for a rude realization though. 

So all in all things are going well and we'll have our next ultrasound next week and those are always fun.  I am so thankful that the sickness has passed and the energy as returned... these are those good couple months before everything gets uncomfortable again.  I'm also thrilled to be going on this journey again with so many friends and family - God is good!

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