Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas Shopping

I'm still here everyone - just been really busy getting ready for the Ladies Fellowship Day!

I love Christmas... it is my favorite holiday by far.  I have been fighting against the desire to start cookie baking already.... to satisfy that I almost have my Christmas shopping done.  Giving gifts gives me the greatest pleasure - returning some of the blessings God has given to us is a true blessing itself.

If you're looking for some great sites to do some shopping check out the ones below - I have had HUGE success with them and scored some pretty amazing deals.

Groupon - this is an awesome site for very localized gifts.  When you sign up based on the city you pick they will send you daily deals.  But the wonderful thing is you don't have to just buy from your city - you can buy any of the deals from across the US.  I've noticed some great prices on massages lately - what woman wouldn't love a massage for Christmas?  So even if you don't want to buy the deal that's out there today - sign up and enjoy the future deals.

RueLaLa - I can not praise the company enough! Because of some credit I earned last month I scored two $70 scarfs this week for the new prices of $1.75 shipped!!!  I mean how can you get any better than that.  The scarves were $15.90 and my credit covered those and shipping (I love when credits can be used towards shipping).  This store has very unique boutiques that sell items at insane prices for about 2 days or until the items are gone.  I HIGHLY recommend this store - it's wonderful for people like me who don't live anywhere close to a large shopping area.  They also have a very good referral program - so sign up and then send it on to some friends and see how much you can score in free items!

Modnique - and if you're looking for jewelry or watches - this is the place to shop!  They are similar to RueLaLa that their boutiques are normally open for 2 days.  But oh the stuff they offer - I could browse all day.  hee hee... I need to find a way to create a wish list and send it out!  They are still offering the coupon star for an additional $10 off.  This company also has an incredible referral program - it's a tri-level program.  When you have a friend who signs up and makes a purchase - $15 credit, when their friend signs up and makes a purchase - $10, and when their friend signs up and makes a purchase - $5!!!  That is amazing.  So please take the time to sign up and browse this place.....

Update - just found another one - this place looks to carry items only for your home - but oh are they beautiful!!!  I just signed up - and I'll let you know when I come across any great deals!

Christmas is just around the corner!!!

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