Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My final garden recap (except the potatoes)

I've mentioned this little problem I have with following through on things.   Yep, the garden... I am so over that. I haven't been down to see it in ages, my poor husband has been amazing at taking over the gathering of our bounty.  I think it was the weeds - they started to get out of control, and it didn't look neat and tidy anymore and I just got bored. I'm being honest here. Nathan did ask if the garden was worth it and if next year we might just go to the Amish and buy in bushels... while that sounds very tempting right now the only piece of that is I don't know what seeds they used and what they may have put on their plants.  Hmmmm

But a recap of what we got out of the garden this year:
  • Salsa - 7 quarts, 7 pints
  • Tomatoes - 14 pints
  • Cherry Tomatoes - 7 gallon bags frozen, countless eaten
  • Banana Peppers - 8 quart bags frozen
  • Broccoli - 4-5 gallon bags frozen, countless eaten
  • Green Beans - 6 quart bags frozen, countless eaten
  • Onions - they are still hanging but we've been slowly eating/using them up
  • Potatoes - haven't cracked open the bins yet hope to do that this weekend
  • Blackberry Jelly/Jam - (we did not grow this but once again my dear sweet husband and father-in-law spent hours picking them for me) 14 half pints of jelly, 14 pints of jam
  • Relish - 7 pints 
  • Zucchini - 8 quarts frozen, countless eaten 
  • Green Peppers are oddly just now coming on so we might still get some of them.
  • Watermelon - ate one and while it tasted amazing, the amount of seeds in it was crazy
So all in all it was a successful year I think so.  I am thankful we tried it and have some things to show for it! Our shelves and freezer are full for the coming winter and that makes my heart sing a glad little song :)

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  1. Jessica, I applaud you for even starting a garden!! We are alike, new friend, because I am a terrible follow-through-er. I've said I'd start a garden for the last 6 years. Nada so far.
    Praying for you, and your homeschool journey!! It's not easy; I think how you are doing things is perfect! At this age, just turn ordinary things into a learning experience! In Maine, the official enrollement age is 7, so I took it REALLY easy there for awhile.
    I'm Jennifer (Schumpert) Murray on FB on the Allume Newbies Page, just so you have a reference point about who this strange person commenting is. ;-)